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OG is on a mission to maintain society's safety and cleaning needs


We are a research and manufacturer of disinfectants, detergents and specialty chemicals. Our partnering company, Stone Soap Company in the US has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing environmentally friendly detergents, and our company in Hong Kong has followed Stone Soap Company footsteps with over 20 years of local experience. OG provides disinfectant, sanitizers, cleaning detergents, and automotive related clean and coat products.
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Food and Beverage

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Client Reviews

Sewage Odor Factory Plant [OG Green Apple Odor Absrober]
"In 2019, the factory near our workplace had a strong sewage odor. We have been using OG products for cleaning our offices for 10 years already. Using their disinfectants and glass cleaners to sanitize and disinfect our workplace. When we spoke with our contact from og and told them about the situation, they told us to try their odor absorber. We did a site visit and applied the green apple odor absorber and right away, the smell was gone and our workers stopped raising complaints. We are impressed with the performance." - URBAN COLORS
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Hotel Concierge, Guest Room Clean & Protect [OG Diamond Guard & OGII Gloss Guard]
"It is important to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the hotel in hopes of impressing guests. One of the toughest challenges in the hotel industry is keeping the metal and bronze objects shiny and clean for a long time. In the past, our cleaning staff spent a lot of time using traditional copper and metal cleaners to clean and care for metal copperware. We can't believe that OG's Diamond Guard Coating and OGII Gloss Guard can handle this part of the work so quickly and efficiently, which greatly improves the hotel's customer service. Very good appearance." - RENOWNED HOTEL CHAIN IN MACAU
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Restaurant sticker marks [OG Biodegradable Degreaser & All Purpose Cleaner]
"A staff from OG came to our store and left a sample of their Biodegradable Degreaser And All Purpose Cleaner. They told us we can use it for different areas of the restaurant like cleaning the tables, cutlery and windows. After our own trial, we felt that it helped reduce staff effort and time in cleaning, especially removing sticker stains that do not have products on the market tackling this issue. We’ve placed many orders since and the prices of the products are very good. It helped us reduce our own costs instead of having to source and use different cleaning products from different distributors." - TIRODO JAPANESE TEA HOUSE
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