During the outbreak, pay attention to the air pressure in the bathroom.

In the design of the building, no matter whether it is a residential or commercial building, the toilet is under negative pressure to prevent the odor of the toilet from coming out of the toilet to the unit room. In a bathroom with closed doors and windows, turning on the exhaust fan has changed the air pressure of the bathroom from normal pressure to negative pressure, and air will flow into the bathroom from all sides. If the windows and doors are closed tightly, the unit room will flow into the bathroom through the door gap Or it can flow in from underground drains without proper barriers. The underground drains of modern buildings are equipped with U-shaped spacers. The water of U-shaped spacers is used to block the gas in the drainage pipe of the connected unit from flowing into the toilet. There is no water in the separator, and the gas from the drainage pipe will enter the unit's bathroom due to the negative pressure of the bathroom.

During the epidemic, prevent cross-infection of units and unit viruses,

  1. Pay attention to the fact that the U-shaped separator of the underground drainage channel must have a water barrier;
  2. It is recommended to cover the toilet board when flushing the toilet water. One is to prevent water from splashing out of the toilet, and the other is that the negative pressure increasing gas generated during flushing involves the toilet due to the negative pressure;
  3. Do not block the door gap under the toilet door, and let the air in the room replenish when the bathroom generates negative pressure, instead of the gas from the drainpipe;
  4. Washrooms should be cleaned and disinfected on time to prevent germs and viruses from reproducing.