How do you know if the car wash is good?

This question is believed that many people will answer this question. Is it better to wash the car clean? Some people will answer more bubbles than good car wash liquid, and some people will say that they need to use environmentally friendly car wash liquid. Is these conditions to judge the good or bad of car wash liquid? What about using a bad car wash?

Many people have this experience. Why does the car become dull after less than a period of time after leaving the factory? Even if the car washes more frequently, this phenomenon cannot be changed. Even the more frequent the washing, the older the situation appears more quickly. In fact, the dull and dull stains are not made of body dust stains, but the alkali stains left behind after washing the car. Most of the cheap car wash liquids on the market are alkaline, the pH value is higher than 7 degrees (pH>7), mainly sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is used as the raw material of the car wash liquid, of course, because of sodium hydroxide. It is a low-cost chemical. However, sodium hydroxide reacts with minerals such as calcium Ca and magnesium Mg in the water, and precipitates as a layer of hard mineral firmly adhered to the body, which can not be washed away, forming the dull and dull stains mentioned above. That is to say, wash away the dirt of the body, leaving alkali stains!

2NaOH + MgCL2 = Mg(OH)2 + 2NaCl

To remove this layer of mineral alkali stains formed in the car body is not only can be properly handled by car wash, it needs to be deeply polished and polished to remove, but we know that polishing waxing, in addition to time-consuming consumption, often damages the car paint due to the polishing process. surface.

In fact, the wall in the car wash shop can also know whether the car wash shop uses alkaline car wash liquid, if the wall is covered with a layer of gray stains, you can guess one or two!

NTI chooses the right car wash!

OG Neutral Environmentally Friendly Car Wash Liquid uses a high-end organic active interface agent as a component to remove body stains. It does not contain alkaline elements and does not precipitate minerals in the water. Therefore, it does not produce the above-mentioned kind of hoarseness on the body or wall.