What is the car wash water wax?

Even many professional car wash shops do not understand the purpose of sprinkling water wax after car washing. So what is its role? Just light up the car after washing the car? Here I want to share the real use of water wax with everyone.

Water wax composition

First of all, we must first understand the composition of water wax. Water wax is a kind of water-soluble wax liquid prepared by adding special organic mineral oil and a series of added emulsifiers. Water wax is a colorless, odorless, transparent liquid with a neutral pH of 7. The professional water wax does not have any chemical effect on any material in the body including paint, glass, rubber, alloy, aluminum and electroplating.

The role of water wax

The main function of water wax is to reduce the surface tension of the water surface so that the water forms a water droplet on the surface and automatically slides away from the surface due to the suction of the earth. The Hydrophobic effect is also the result of the polymer coating. The flow of water on the surface of the vehicle body reduces the chance of dust and dirt adhering to the body, reduces the frequency of car wash, and plays a significant role in protecting the body's surface. Another function of the water wax is to make the car body shine more after washing, which is an important step for the car washer, which is not negligible for a professional car wash.


Add OG Nano Shine Water Wax to NTI and Choice Car Wash

The importance of NTI deepwater wax on car wash, in the final step of the car wash process, it is necessary to spray high-quality OG nano shiny water wax to enhance the car wash effect. OG nano shiny water wax is added in addition to the professional water wax component. The nano silicone polymer is in the composition of the nano polymer to further enhance the water wax’s durability and hydrophobicity of hydrophobicity & durability.